This is a beautiful and nostalgic Shantang Street, and I have never been to it since I left you.


Thank you for coming to my life.

Love, or be loved, is better than love.

Even if you see many people, in the face of age and reality, choose compromise also ask you not to marry, delivered to a less loving person.


Dare not see you, see you once, like you once!

"Three minutes of fever, but I like you so long. I have lost my mind, but I remember you so clearly. Not the way I like you, but the way you look.


I want to like you as the driving force of my life.

"It's not easy to meet you. It's a pity to miss you. I don't want the rest of my life to be memories, I think the rest of my life is you.


Our Short History

Some memories linger, some memories can't be wiped out .

"There is always a person, always living in the heart, but farewell in life, can not forget memories, but life to continue, come and go around a lot of people, there is always a position, has not changed. Look at the warm sunshine, occasionally will also think, that person is you


Dated: Summer, 2015

No matter how beautiful the scenery is, it's not as good as your 1/1000.