Love Letter

Can you just tell me a little bit you miss me, keep it down! As far as we both heard, I would certainly go to you, I would not care about anything, the things that made you sad, I would never do it again.

You are such a lovely person that you should have met the best, and I wish I were.

"After all, tomorrow is another day!
Land is the only thing in the world worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for. Because it's the only thing that lasts.
I wish I could be more like you.
Whatever comes, I’II love you, just as I do now. Until I die.
I think it’s hard winning a war with words.
Sir, you’re no gentleman. And you miss are no lady.
I never give anything without expecting something in return. I always get paid.
In spite of you and me and the whole silly world going to pieces around us, I love you.
If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill, as God as my witness, I’II never be hungry again!
Now I find myself in a world which for me is worse than death. A world in which there is no place for me.
You’re throwing away happiness with both hands. And reaching out for something that will never make you happy.
Home. I’II go home. And I’II think of some way to get him back. After all tomorrow is another day ------《Gone with the Wind》

"Once I said to a friend, never mention love or like easily to others. Unless you are gameplay. Because some feelings, they are hidden in our hearts. Only silence can show our respect for it. And the only way to prove it. Can only be paid. You are my North Star. When I look at you, I can always find the direction of home. ------《Message in a Bottle》

"Love does not have so many excuses, if the final can not be together, can only show that love is not enough. The boundless life, may have one person. Fall in its love, forget about it. Do not ask the first mind, not for the phase, do not look to each other, do not depend on each other. I only wish to live with my son when I am unruly. I, nothing special, just a general idea of ordinary people, living an ordinary life. No one has written a monument for me, and my name will soon be forgotten, but in one thing I am more successful than anyone else. I love someone with all my heart, and that's enough for me. The best love wakes up our souls, inspires us to pursue our ideals, ignites the fire of passion in our hearts, and brings peace to our hearts. ------《Notebook》

I hope you have a bad life, a bad career, stupid, fat, ugly, so I can touch you. I hope you have a good time again, cold someone for you to prepare clothes, hungry for you to make delicious,physiological period someone can rub your hands to warm your stomach, pet you like a child, you still live better, even if you are not by my side.

I wish I were the heart in your hand

So lovely of you

I am an ordinary man. I can't expect you to notice in the crowd.

There should be at least one time in your life that you forget yourself for someone, asking for no result, no company, no possession, no love for me, just to meet you in my most beautiful years.